Purpose Revisted

The construction of the Cosmic Egg by Andrew Pollendine, a geodesic cultural center dome at the eco-village of the La Semilla de los Ingenios is ready to be built.

A project years in the making is waiting to instil the wonder that is La Semilla de los Ingenios and take true shape.

The future buildings will transform the steppes of the Pacific Mexico into an oasis of creation. Cooperative living in a sustainable environment, with the idea that creatives can flourish. A respect for the local community, the benefits of the eco village go beyond, as the life that flows amongst the terrain allow for a healthy being. Inhabitants of the area will be able to create their own architectural dreams and form new understandings of the eco-village itself.

Join a fantastic development that will inspire generations and make a positive impact on the land and people that are engaged with this movement.

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