Tiny Trailers for Living Large Off-the-Grid

The tiny house movement has captured the imagination of those interested in minimalist—and often mortgage free—lifestyles, but these diminutive dwellings can save on more than just space and cash.

Austrian start-up firm Wohnwagon designed a 269-square-foot caravan for homeowners looking for a natural living option that can power itself year round. The home is meant to be entirely self-sustaining through off-grid technology, with key features such as a rooftop photovoltaic system, a composting bio-toilet, and a plant-based water treatment system.

The home is powered by 4, 300 Wp solar panels mounted to the roof. The 1.2 kWp current output of the panels can power the home year-round, and power-saving batteries in the false bottom of the car last up to four days. An in-home display informs residents of their energy consumption and remaining power. via

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